Documenta 11

'I remember a film of a room that looked like an exhibition space for a warehouse show in London circa early 90s…' In early June 2002 both Matthew Collings and Matthew Arnatt separately visited the internationally renowned contemporary art exhibition, Documenta11 in Kassel, Germany. Collings as an official journalist for the art magazine Modern Painters and Arnatt as an art tourist. In the weeks immediately following their visits they initiate a very frank and candid correspondence articulating their thoughts about this major international art event and its curatorial agenda. In their exceptionally open dialogue both writers bring to the debate personal opinion and reflection, whilst expanding their criticisms to include wider, concurrent UK exhibitions and artists.

Contributors: Matthew Arnatt, Matthew Collings
Publisher: Artwords Press
36 pages
14cm × 21cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780954390808
4,50 €
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