Werner Mannaers // Love Letters

Love letters shape love. Werner Mannaers doesn’t write love letters, he paints them in his characteristic ‘bad painting’ style. During a certain time span, the painter created a Love Letter each day; the recipient of which was always a woman. Mannaers is in love with love; which makes his current series especially human: artists never shut up about (their) art, even when making love. The book Love Letters groups these paintings Mannaers made over time. Each Love Letter is effectuated using gouache on paper. They refer to some of Mannaers’ paintings that are currently in the making. Each Love Letter equally makes reference to other artists. This makes this publication more than a collection of recent Love Letters: the publication discreetly evolves towards a visual commentary on the history of modern art.


260 pages
21cm × 30cm
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9789490693893
39,50 €
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