Susi Pop // SUSI POP bin ich

“In the unfocused area of crossover, in the reverberating chambers among the realms of music, design, and art, there is often a lot of talk about remix, sampling, or cover versions. SUSI POP prefers a concept that sounds more antiquated, but much more charming: medley. Derived from the Latin misculare, miscere, “to mix,” “medley” announces a compilation of familiar melodies. (…) From the plethora of pictures that are exhibited in museums and circulate as images in catalogues, magazines, or data networks, SUSI POP selects icons by recognized greats like Gerhard Richter, Lucian Freud, Jackson Pollock, or Pablo Picasso, and reproduces them on a 1:1 scale. Her art can be understood as a contemporary version of the appropriation art practiced in the 1970s and 1980s.” (Annette Tietenberg) The catalogue compiles various work groups since SUSI POP’s beginning in 1988 until today.

Contributors: Günter Erbe, Annette Tietenberg
Publisher: argobooks
208 pages
20cm × 26cm
Format: Paperback
Language: EnglishGerman
ISBN: 9783941560024
27,00 €
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