Ief Spincemaille // Hacking Velo

In February 2015 the Belgian artist and philosopher Ief Spincemaille set up a temporary second atelier at the workshop of Velo, a socio-economic working place that recycles old bicycles in Leuven, Belgium. During a period of 9 months he hacked the existing production line and recycled old paintings instead of bicycles. He applied the repetitional production process of disassembling, storing and reassembling to works of art. He re-used the raw materials of the 284 recycled paintings for the recreation of 5 pioneering works in modern art history by a.o. Damien Hirst, Ellsworth Kelly and Kasimir Malevich.

72 pages
15cm × 21cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789492321367
20,00 €
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