Update 6

New Technological Award

'UPDATE-6' gives a short overview of how new technological art has developed since the 1950's. At the site 'Zebrastraat Ghent' various renowned and upcoming artists gave their take on the idea of new technological art. This book gives a reflection of this international exhibition and takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the evolution of how the new technological arts have unfolded through history.
The appearance, during the 1950's, of electronic and computer tools in the arts, forced artists to a more in-depth knowledge of techniques and their languages to “master” the new instruments that were now put at their disposal by engineers. Artists reacted to this new development in two main ways: either by collaborating with engineers or by learning to use the new techniques themselves. This new undertaking also forced the artist to make an ideological choice: proceed with the idea of art as causa mentale, or consider finding new ways to master the technology and submit it to their artistic needs. In practice of course, this pas de deux was not as straightforward and, over time, many different exchanges and interweavings saw flourishing. This publication aims to provide an overview of the most relevant authors, exhibitions, events and places.

Contributors: Jean-Marie Dallet, Isolde De Buck
88 pages
22cm × 23cm
Format: Paperback
Language: EnglishDutch
ISBN: 9789492321473
29,00 €
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