Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant Age (SET)

Inspiring Gold Age - Body and Mind on the Fringes of Social Norms

Extravagant Bodies is an international art festival that has been taking place since 2007, once every three years, dealing with social determination of the borders between the normal and the pathological, be they concerned with corporeality, appearance, behaviour, sexuality or life style. The fact that there exists the other, that is, different than the socially codified and acceptable, provokes negative identification, social rejection, sanctions, fear and hatred. In its first version, the festival dealt with physical disability, in the second with mental and psychological health, while the theme of this year’s festival – Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant Age – is old age, or the individual experiences and social implications of what is dubbed the third age. Age is not, of course, considered a disorder, but an ineluctable part of every life that is not cut short by premature death. However, because of the health-related, physical and psychological changes that it entails, and because of the fact that age leads ultimately to death, old age, together with its signs, provokes abjection, comparable to the abjection related with the body or mind situated beyond social norms.
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Exhibition catalogue
Ivana Bago i Olga Majcen Linn - Introduction
Ana Alvarez-Errecalde - MORE STORE/My parents/Fina (Fr0m LIFE series)
Aris Angelis - People of the 20th Century
Maja Bekan - Golden party
Hrvoslava Brkušić - Conversations
Lada Cerar - Who's afraid of Seniors?
Tomislav Gotovac - Foxy Mister
Sanja Iveković - Isn't she too old for this? - On Witches
Marko Jeftić - Fabulous Fairies
Ivan Kožarić - Life without frames/I.K., Happy/Overjoyed/Delighted.../Phaluses
Siniša Labrović - Mens sansa in corpore sano
Suzanne Lacy - The Crystal Quilt
Ana Lendvaj and Ružica Mikulić - The Capital of Age
Mirjana Miljković and Neven Sviben - Alzheimer - The Human Face of Dementia
Ana Opalić - Confused Chapters - Excerpts from a Film in the Making
Andrea Palašti - History of Dalmatia
Stahl Stenslie - Sexiatrics-A project on Extravagantly Sensual and Elder Bodies
Sandra Sterle - Reviving Nono (Aesthetic of political trauma)
Mladen Stilinović - Yes, Samuel Beckett is Also Sitting in this Room, Quietly, More Quietly
Anja Strelec i Tomislava Jukić - Home is where my age is
Škart - Domino dance
Pilvi Takala - Wallflower
Goran Trbuljak - Untitled
Silvio Vujičić - Studies of Style
Sonja Vuk - What Game are you playing?
Stephen Walker - Young @ Heart
David Albahari i Škart - The Writer is the Stamp
Maja Bekan - Golden Party
BD Indoš - Vareška 19 (Sprung Performance of Adresse)
Siniša Labrović - Please, Sit Next to my Mother and Say Something Nice to Her
Allucquere Rosanne ''Sandy'' Stone - Touch me, Touch you:  A neovagina monologue
Neda Šimić Božinović - Countess Zrinski-Nugent-Laval
Lois Weaver - What Tammy needs to know about getting old and having sex
Ivana Bago, Sunčica Ostoić - Intro
Stevan Vuković - Performing Age in Gerontology and Visual Art
Linn Sandberg - The Old, the Ugly and the Queer: thinking old age in relation to queer theory
Pat Thane - The Age of old Age/Old age in the 20th Century
Silvia Federici - The Great Witch hunt in Europe
Kathleen Woodward - Tribute to the older woman. Psychoanalysis, feminism, and ageism
Marko Stamenković - Extravagant suicide? Images of aging, suffering and End-of-life
Gary Shapiro - Building, Timing, Thinking: Reversibile Destiny After Hegel, Heidegger and Smithson
Miško Šuvaković – Age/Art: Being/Time. Between techniques of representation and
techniques of mastering the forms of life
Ana Peraica – Time travel and photographic negatives: theory of post-negative world
Kelly Joyce, Laura Mamo – Greying the cyborg: new directions in feminist analyses of aging,
science and technology
Nina Czegledy – On prosthetics: Extreme loss – potential gains
Goran Arbanas – Sexuality in advanced years
Alison Marie Kenner – Securing the elderly body: dementia, surveillance and the politics of
„aging in place“
Silvia Rusac – The challenges of caring for a family member afflicted with Alzheimer's
Jasminka Despot Lučanin, Damir Lučanin – Changes in cognitive capacities in old age
Silvia Rusac – Domestic violence and the elderly
Oldest competing bodybuilder – world record set by Ray Moon
Sanja Radica, Andrea Šimunović – What we talk about when we think about aging? (Or what
are we actually afraid of?)
Damir Lučanin, Jasminka Despot Lučanin – Theories of aging and growing old successfully
David E. Bloom, AlexBorsch-Supan, Patrick McGee i Atsushi Seike – Population aging:
facts, challenges and responses
Aubrey de Grey – After the war on aging: speculations on some future chapters int he
never-ending story of human life extension
Franco Berardi Bifo – Exhaustion and senile utopia of the coming European insurrection
David Albahari – Short stories about old age; Poems about old age
Ena Hodžić - Extravagant workshops
BADco. - With one foot in the dance
D'Elvis - Blue Suede Shoes
Ljiljana Mikulčić - Taking a peek behind the scenes: Writing film
Luka Kedžo - DEATH with a lot of humor
                         - Photographed-Documented
Nina Czegledy i Radiona.org - The Extensions of man-Hacking the Body-Prosthetics
Parkticipacija - Extravagant Garden
Silvio Vujičić - Adaptation
Tajana Josimović, Tea Juretić i Marta Kolega - Complaints Choir
Zaklada ''Zajednički put'' - Walk in Old Shoes

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Series: K-043
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