Simryn Gill // Here art grows on trees

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Here art grows on trees features Simryn Gill’s latest works commissioned for the Australian Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale. Edited by the exhibition curator, Catherine de Zegher, this limited edition monograph includes more than 100 artwork plates printed on different paper stocks that demonstrate the generative and cyclic nature in Gill’s remarkable oeuvre of quotidian beauty. The essays by leading international thinkers and writers include: Catherine de Zegher (On Line. Drawing Through the Twentieth Century, MoMA); Carol Armstrong (Scenes in a Library, MIT Press); Lilian Chee (Conserving Domesticity, ORO Editions); Ross Gibson (26 Views of a Starburst World, UWA Press); Kajri Jain (Gods in the Bazaar, DUP Books); Brian Massumi (Semblance and Event, MIT Press); and Michael Taussig (What Color is The Sacred? UCP).

Contributors: Catherine de Zegher, Carol Armstrong, Lilian Chee, Ross Gibson, Kajri Jain, Brian Massumi, Michael Taussig,
296 pages
21cm × 26cm
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9789490693718
39,90 €
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