Heiko Blankenstein // Drawings

Heiko Blankenstein’s (*1970) obsessive drawings and lightboxes with their figurative imagery and multiple narrative levels can be seen in a tradition of outsider artists such as Henry Darger. This full colour catalogue gives an overview of the major works of the past years and additionally shows fascinating details. Heiko Blankenstein “places his own work into existing iconography. Not all motives derive from the author himself, but instead converge as a result of unrestricted combinations, embedding studies of nature as well as art history in a new state of aggregation. Astronomical and alchemical illustrations of early modern times have devised their genotype in them, depictions of cosmologic models, the prospectus of old master landscapes, interior spaces of historic examples of architecture. Visionary solar systems overlap treetops, while their gnarled trunks, like models of a seismographic survey, disband any expectation of nature.” (Isabel Zürcher)

Contributors: Isabel Zürcher
Publisher: argobooks
64 pages
21cm × 29cm
Format: Paperback
Language: EnglishGerman
ISBN: 9783941560055
20,50 €
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