Helen Mirra // Gehend

In the realm of artistic positions that deal with principles of nature and classification, Helen Mirra's works hold a particular position. Rather than idealizing nature, they hover between processes of scientific experimentation on the one hand and calligraphic meditation on the other—a combination that produces a great sense of both melancholy and measure. Helen Mirra made her new groups of work—prints and rubbings—during hikes in and around Bonn, Berlin and Zurich. Due to their poetic minimalism these works open up a range of associations that animate the "small things" in nature and mobilize our ethical conscience towards the environment and its diversity. Contributions by Peter Eleey, Yukio Lippit, Christina Végh.

Contributors: Peter Eleey, Yukio Lippit, Christina Végh
Publisher: argobooks
320 pages
16cm × 20cm
Format: Hardback
Language: EnglishGerman
ISBN: 9783942700320
48,50 €
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