Magdalena Grandmontagne // Epreuve d'Artiste

This monograph presents the works of printmaker Magdalena Grandmontagne, from her early graphic works in etching, to her more recent installations and site specific works, as well as her performance based collaborations with New York based choreographer Olivia Rosenkranz. Magdalena Grandmontagne uses rolls of lead to take site specific imprints, which she leaves on site to corrugate over time, to then transfer the metal plate onto canvas or use the plate itself as mounted sculpture. She also works with graphite, rubbing the canvas until breaking point and mounting these semi-sculptural works onto a frame. Her work is intensely gestural, be it her collages to her large scale paintings or her practice as a printmaker. Essays by Jurgen Lorenz, Friedrich Meibert, Wolfgang Birk.

Contributors: Jurgen Lorenz, Friedrich Meibert, Wolfgang Birk, Adeline Mannarini
Publisher: Kruger Verlag
Format: Hardback
Language: GermanFrench
ISBN: 9783000166648
25,00 €
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