Gavin Turk // Me As Him

Gavin Turk's exhibition book explores the circle of creativity from the Artist's 'spark' to the Museum retrospective. Turk takes as his template the final Self-Portrait paintings by Andy Warhol(1986), which become exhibits in a drama concerning authenticity and perception involving the architect Philip Johnson, New York city planner Robert Moses, gallerist Anthony d'Offay, Warhol's assistant, the poet Gerard Malanga, English photographer David McCabe and Hardy Blechman's 'combat' designs for his label Maharishi. Includes the full essay, exclusive unseen photographs and all of the Turk 'Fright-Wig' works. Printed in the usual deluxe Riflemaker edition of 1,000 copies with double-fold covers.

Contributors: Tot Taylor
Publisher: Riflemaker Press
32 pages
10 colour illustrations
6 black and white illustrations
19cm × 12cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780955372810
12,00 €
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