Alex Muller // Der Hutmacher, das Orchester, der Fenchel

Berlin artist Alex Müller presents a collection of multimedia works in three parts: the milliner, the orchestra and the fennel. Each part incorporates a literary piece that leads the reader through Müller’s visual narrative, be that through poetry or prose to accompany paint and porcelain.
“How much apparently identical entities can differ, the piano playing Twins demonstrate. A dance of twenty different fingers is captured by the flying-along camera. Chapeau! The recorder is lacquered in a mahogany-resembling lacquer, its small stow-away-bag is dark blue, almost indigo. Its mouthpiece is about to show traces of use, becoming softer and smoother to the touch at ‘Mrs. Wolf’s’ playing. ‘Mrs. Wolf’ is well-versed in joinery and adjournment since both relate to the lake.” (Alex Müller, 2017)

Contributors: Uche Nduka, Marcus Maida, Alex Müller
Publisher: argobooks
96 pages
22cm × 29cm
Format: Paperback
Language: EnglishGerman
ISBN: 9783942700849
18,50 €
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