Mark Soo // Figures, Grounds

Set amongst excerpts from the text Mimicry and Legendary Psychasthenia by Roger Caillois, Mark Soo (*1977 Singapore) presents a set of photographic images which appear out of focus and somewhat unrecognizable to the viewer. “To shift positions and to assume different perspectives is what Mark Soo’s photographic works suggest to the viewer. Reality is in motion; context, face and feeling constantly change leaving the picture in a perennial state of evolution. In such a movement there is no space for established forms of representation, no space fixation, but every single detail becomes fluid, as fluid as the surface appears.” – Federica Bueti

Contributors: Federica Bueti, Roger Caillois
Publisher: argobooks
45 pages
20cm × 25cm
ISBN: 9783941230125
13,00 €
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