Peter Rogiers // The Hunger #1

Snowman Vs. Squid

In this classic epic of the battle between the sexes we meet Jill and John. Jill is the object of desire, John falls in love with Jill. One day John is on his way to see “the scientist”, Jill’s husband. It’s love at first sight, things start to slide: otherwise inconspicious John starts an affair with Jill. On his way to one of their secret rendez-vous John has bizarre car crash. He survives but will be tranfsormed for ever into The Snowman. He does not have a clear recollection of his past, nor of his affair with Jill. As the Snowman he gradually discovers he can take on properties of other creatures. One day he transmutes into an insectlike personae and the inevitable takes place: he meets Jill again…


72 pages
21cm × 30cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789490693534
20,00 €
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