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Self Made Performative Media

iii is an artist-run platform for the development of self-made media based in The Hague, which supports idiosyncratic research trajectories that zig-zag between disciplines and distribution channels. Within the activities planned for 2014, iii will produce a publication on the subject of ‘self-made performative media’. The intention is to reflect on iii’s particular approach of starting from scratch that involves designing and constructing a medium from the ground up, as well as notions of cultural agency, identity and negotiation that apply when redefining the terms of relationships with audiences and cultural institutions. Since iii stems from an interdisciplinary approach to art and technology that has a strong and unique history in The Netherlands, the publication also intends to offer a reflection on this unique background, tracing lines of thought behind the development of current practices and offering a window on the local discourse to a global community of artists, researchers and cultural operators.
Loose pages in card slipcase

Contributors: Ewen Chardronnet, Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand, Lars Kynde, Alessandro Ludovico, Matteo Marangoni, Jonathan Reus, Joel Ryan & Kristina Andersen, Dieter Vandoren, Anne Wellmer, Godfried-Willem Raes, Yolanda Uriz
84 pages
17cm × 25cm
Format: Slipcase
ISBN: 9789491775673
25,00 €
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