Annelys de Vet & Astrid Vorstermans (eds.) // Design Dedication

Adaptive Mentalities in Design Education

Design Dedication makes a plea for adaptive mentalities within design pedagogy, with a non-normative approach to design practices. It will explore an attitude in and towards design education that is socially engaged, politically aware, generous in approach, lyrical in tone, experimental in form and collaborative in practice. It will search for modes of practices that manifest what one cares about. How can we talk about and bringing out the political that’s inherent and intrinsic to the work that design students are doing? How to work on specific urgencies that are based on experience and narration? Where does this approach lead to? What are the kind of work that are being developed in this context? How can an institute support and secure this, what is its responsibility?
Throughout the texts a thought-provoking and visually sparkling selection of works are shown that have been developed at or in the context of the Design Department of the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam (the postgraduate programme of the Rietveld Academie); the content reaches out to design students and teachers worldwide.

Contributors: Hannes Bernard, Michèle Champagne, Rana Ghavami, Anja Groten, Agata Jaworska, Anastasia Kubrak, Sherida Kuffour, Gui Machiavelli, Daniel van der Velden, Annelys de Vet and many others
Publisher: Valiz
240 pages
17cm × 24cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789492095732
19,90 €
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