Design Research on Temporary Homes

Hospitable Places for Homeless, Immigrants and Refugees

Design Research on Temporary Homes focuses on questions of home, identity, and modes of inhabitation in relationship to asylum seekers and political refugees in Milan, Italy. The design research takes into account people’s complex and diverse cultural backgrounds and individual needs and aims to connect so-called “reception centres“ in Italy to the wider urban and social context. Projects address issues of temporary residence, multi-cultural co-habitation, the need for privacy and interpersonal relationships, in order to develop more hospitable and welcoming design proposals.

Contributors: Luciano Crespi, Agnes Rebaglio, Elena Giunta, Daniela Petrillo, Nicola Rainisio, Manuela Celi, Simone Fanciullaci, Chiara Moreschi, Elena Caratti, Giulia Gerosa
Publisher: AADR
144 pages
43 black and white illustrations
17cm × 24cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783887784447
26,00 €
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