Josephine Berry-Slater // Don't Panic, Organise!

A Mute Magazine pamphlet on recent struggles in education

The cuts, lay-offs and tuition-fee hikes that are besetting higher and further education internationally are undoubtedly a direct response to financial crisis and its ricocheting bomb of personal, commercial and national debt. But they also have deeper roots. They should be understood as part of the more gradual process of what George Caffentzis, in his analysis of the international situation, calls the ‘breakdown of the edu-deal’; the inability for capital, and therefore the state, to pay for the costs of producing a well educated workforce or to guarantee that investment in education will result in a more vigorous economy and increased living standards for those with qualifications.

Publisher: Mute
44 pages
15cm × 21cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781906496548
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