Pascal Gielen, Paul De Bruyne // Teaching Art in the Neoliberal Realm

Realism versus Cynicism
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Throughout the world, the educational field is being transformed into a marketplace in which institutions must compete for students, and are called on to assess their cultural contributions in terms of finance and management. Is there any room left for art in such a system? Teaching Art in the Neoliberal Realm investigates the wide-scale reorganization of art education in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America, Russia and The Netherlands, and seeks to determine both the current impact and future ramifications of market education on the arts and the artist. Most importantly, it provides prescriptions for a positive direction forward, steering between the cynical big business of the art market and the threatened idealism of classic art education. The thematic chapters, interviews and essays adopt both practical and theoretical approaches, and include such contributors as Richard Sennett, Marco Scotini and Dieter Lesage.

Contributors: Pascal Gielen, Paul De Bruyne, Barend van Heusden, Maarten Simons, Jan Masschelein, Bert Taken, Jeroen Boomgaard, Daniel Muzyczuk, Dieter Lesage, Stefan Hertmans, Rudi Laermans, Anders Kruger, Marco Scotini, Tessa Overbeek, Rien van der Vleuten
Publisher: Valiz
Series: Antennae
262 pages
14cm × 21cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789078088578
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