Dumb Fixity

The Impossible Question
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Dumb Fixity arose from a desire to measure an abstract set of phenomena, working on the premise that things can speak, and to find a means of hearing what they are telling us. To define the field, we needed a system of measurement, a gage to plot the characteristics and inner allegiances of objects. The first question was how could we negate the subjective interpretations of our human perspective - if we could transcend our human desire to name, label, and categorise matter and meaning. The answer was that it is possible: there is no avoiding our disadvantaged position of being human; we cannot escape comprehending and defining the world through our language. How then do we hear a shared language of the mountain, the fox or the lamp? We had to take another tack. The structures that we set out to negate, those of language and mapped opinion, needed to be embraced...

Contributors: TC McCormack, Martin J. Gent, Esther Leslie
Publisher: Artwords Press
Series: Transmission: The Rules of Engagement #14
46 pages
7 colour illustrations
14cm × 21cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781906441227
5,99 €
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