This eclectic magazine featuring art, photography, theory and interviews undergoes an appellative change with every edition, each taking its title from the font in which it is printed. Featuring the CI font of the Künstlerhaus Graz, Korpus works as the catalogue of the exhibition “sighs trapped by liars – (Language in Art)” with contributions by all the artists of the show, curated by our editor-member Christian Egger. The artist collective Art&Language created the centerfold poster of the issue.

Contributors: Ewa Partum, Shannon Ebner, Georg Oberhumer, Isabella Kohlhuber, Heinrich Dunst, Nanni Balestrini, Natalie Häusler, Sue Tompkins, Art & Language, Michael Dean, David Jourdan, Michael Riedel, Jeff Derksen, Alison Knowles, Nathalie Czech, Hélène CixousCerith Wyn Evans
Publisher: ztscrpt
Series: ztscrpt
68 pages
21cm × 29cm
Format: Paperback
5,00 €
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