This eclectic magazine featuring art, photography, theory and interviews undergoes an appellative change with every edition, each taking its title from the font in which it is printed. Jubilee issue #30 came out in the magazine's 15th year. The font Zeitschrift (magazine in German) is especially designed for this issue by Alexander Wolff and is a merge of the fonts Helvetica and Times. The font is downloadable for free on www.ztscrpt.net. Each issue has a paper streamer woven through several pages by Niina Lehtonen Braun. The cool black’n white poster is made by Heimo Zobernig featuring a mash-up font of Helvetica and Courier, spelling the word SCHEITSCHRIFT.

Contributors: Özlem Altin, Nina Lehtonen Braun, Claus Richter, Kay Rosen, Matt Keegan, Sabrina Soyer, Heimo Zobernig, Ryan Trecartin, Yuki Higashino, Jane Schäfer, Krintine Agergard
Publisher: ztscrpt
Series: ztscrpt
67 pages
20cm × 29cm
Format: Paperback
5,00 €
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