Clemens von wedemeyer // Illusion einer Menschenmenge

Exhibition catalogue of Kunstmuseum Luzern with texts Fanni Fetzer, Frank Höhle, Christoph Liebig, Tanja Milewsky, Clemens von Wedemeyer and Franciska Zólyom.

Also available in English.
"I've been interested in images of crowds for a long time, such as in the 1999 video Mass, and inspired in this by Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti. I returned to his book while working on the video installation Transformation Scenario. Canetti describes crowds as entity and their different types, how they grow, transform or discharge. Published in 1960, and related to the totaleterian 20th century, my question was: What is the image of crowds today, what's the new specificity? How can we speculate the future? For Canetti ‘invisible masses’ are ghosts, demons or angels. In our society it’s big data. Invisibility in a medium is a problem, as we loose understanding, so paranoia grows. But how to render data visible? Cinema has been trying to simulate life since its start. Now film extras are replaced by programmed digital autonomous agents – and similar algorithms are used by sociologists today to simulate social city life for example. I researched the tools and algorithms that were developed in film and game industries but could be used for crowd control in the future. The crowds of Canetti's youth were mostly on the streets, now they are active and channeled in the media." - Clemens von Wedemeyer

Publisher: Archive Books
136 pages
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Language: German
ISBN: 9783948212223
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