Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E.

Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. is independant cultural producer and publisher, operating for the past 15 years in Ljubljana, Slovenia (P74 Gallery, KAPSULA bookshop). In 2004 we launch a new program focused on artist books and editions and recently collaborate with known local and international artist and artist groups as: Sanja Ivekovic, Mladen Stilinovic, Dalibor Martinis, Balint Szombathy, OHO Group, Temporary Services, Jasper Fabricious, Tadej Pogacar, Dejan Habicht, Tanja Lazetic, Jenny Perlin, Dan Perjovschi,... Artist book program is focused on education, presentation and new production of artist books and arts editions.