Villa Romana Fellows 2013

Shannon Bool, Mariechen Danz, Heide Hinrichs, Daniel Maier-Reimer

As Villa Romana Fellows, Shannon Bool, Mariechen Danz, Heide Hinrichs and Daniel Maier-Reimer all lived and worked in Florence for ten months in 2013. Their final publication comprises four individual books in a portfolio that documents and provides a commentary on their works and groups of works from this period. Shannon Bool introduces pieces including new marble works and a film about a rediscovered Mamluk carpet at the Palazzo Pitti. Mariechen Danz focuses on a new group of graphic works on aluminium, while Heide Hinrichs groups sketches and sculptures under the title silent signs. Daniel Maier-Reimer has given the conceptual design of his book to Till Krause, who has chosen to focus on Maier-Reimer's last Italian trip. Every year, at the end of their stay in Florence, the publications of the Villa Romana Fellows are jointly conceived by the artists and realised with the graphic designer Axel Feldmann (London).

Contributors: Alberto Boralevi, Jonathan Shaughnessy
Publisher: argobooks
22cm × 31cm
Format: Slipcase
Language: EnglishGerman
ISBN: 9783942700498
34,50 €
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