Stefanos Tsivopoulos // Archive Crisis

Shaking Up the Shelves of History

Archive Crisis is a visual essay based on a series of previously unpublished images from Greek (media) archives collected by visual artist Stefanos Tsivopoulos. The book explores the mechanisms of visual culture in a mediatized democracy, and their effect on the production of collective memory.

Tsivopoulos' multi-layered visual essay – which builds the main body of this book – not only reveals the patterns, idiosyncrasies, textures, and tactility of these images but ultimately inquires the extent to which photographic, archival documents provide us with knowledge.

The book's fascinating image material is of a diverse nature and is intrinsically linked to a broader European and global context such as the Cold War, Greek-US relationships, and more recent crisis. Essays from authors provide academic reflection and link these historical images to a broader contemporary context.

Contributors: Hilde de Bruiijn, Dimitris Antoniou, Alfredo Cramerotti
Publisher: Jap Sam Books
176 pages
21cm × 28cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789490322441
27,50 €
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