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Art in the Name of Security (+DVD)

As the waves of international terrorism reach vital organs all over the world at the beginning of the 21st Century, new threats curtail the dream of a peaceful, undivided and secure world. Indeed, everything that can be performed “in the name of security” appears desirable: security has now become an ideology. The publication interrogates these pressing issues, appropriating the words of composer Gershon Kingsley to ask its audience, “what would you give for security?” As a reference book to the subject, the publication compiles contributions by sociologists, historians, media artists, political and cultural scientists.
Featured artists: AUDINT, Zsolt Barat, BBM, Cameron Bobro, Neville Brody, Broomberg & Chanarin, Adam Broomberg, Zaji Chalem, Olivier Chanarin, Jacques Coetzer, Paul B. Davis, Richard DeDomenici, Vassilios Georgiadis, Steve Goodman, Sally Gutierrez, John Jordan, Thomas Heise, Toby Heys, Fons Hickmann, Zahid Hussein, Peter Kennard, Valentinas Klimasaukas, Korpys & Loffler, Hans-Werner Kroesinger, Alexander Krohn, Oliver Kunkel, Lillevan, Keven McAlester, Jorg Moller, Cat Picton Phillipps, Wolfgang Pircher, Rathna Ramanathan, Gunter Rambow, Moritz Reichelt, REMOTEWORDS, Monika Schedler, Georg Schamlhofer, Angelika Schneider-von Maydell, Yuko Shimizu, Heidi Specker, Klaus Staeck, Andreas Strauss, U.R.A./FILOART, Timm Ulrichs, Lars Vaupel, Omar Vulpinari, Lutz Westermann, Christina Zuck.

Contributors: Olaf Arndt, Cecilia Wee, Peter Bexte, Critical Art Ensemble, Steve Goodman, Ken Hollings, Alfred W. McCoy, Moritz von Rappard, Florian Rotzer, Janneke Schonenbach, Cecilia Wee, Heinz E. Wohlrab, Steve Wright
Publisher: argobooks
184 pages
21cm × 26cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783941560093
32,50 €
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