Madison Mutual Drift // Madison, Wisconsin

A City in Nine Objects

Madison Mutual Drift is Karma Chávez, Brigitte Fielder, Colin Gillis, and Dan S. Wang. This booklet, which features illustrations by Kione Kochi, presents nine smart and sometimes pretty funny critical essays about Madison by these residents.

Texts touch on racial issues related to public transit, the personal politics of bumper stickers, what the Little Libraries that people construct on their front yards really say about a community and the people that create these structures, native plants and the people that love to restore them in the Wisconsin grasslands, American Girl dolls (company headquarters are located in nearby Middleton, Wisconsin), the plight of a homeless cat vs. the plight of homeless people in Madison, and more! We are proud to have published this great little collection from some of the region's toughest critical thinkers.

Publisher: Half Letter Press
28 pages
14cm × 21cm
Format: Paperback
5,00 €
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