Christie van der Haak // Celebrating Patterns

Celebrating patterns. Christie van der Haak is a sequel to the award-winning publication Sproken | Fairy Tales. Christie van der Haak published by Jap Sam Books and Stroom Den Haag and contains over 200 original patterns.

Celebrating Patterns. Christie van der Haak contains a collection of patterns by Dutch designer and visual artist Christie van der Haak. Van der Haak started her career as a painter and later began designing fabrics that can function as autonomous artworks, but can also be used as upholstery, wall coverings and tablecloths. This publication includes an overview of her recent commissions, installations, and exhibitions, such as Stedelijk Museum Kampen (NL), Kunstmuseum Den Haag (NL), Museum De Lakenhal (NL), Kasteel Helmond (NL), The Wolfsonian Museum (US), and many more.
    "My patterns are nothing more than a representation, a reflection of the entire world in the broadest sense of the word. Each pattern is a particle of a particle of the infinite whole that cannot be depicted, but van be further contemplated."
    - Christie van der Haak

Contributors: Arthur Crucq, Jeannine Hövelings, Yvonne Oordijk, Philip Peters
Publisher: Jap Sam Books
288 pages
25cm × 32cm
Format: Paperback
Language: EnglishDutch
ISBN: 9789492852526
30,00 €
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