Ghost Editions

The publisher GHOST appears in 2011 from the conjunction of practices and interests of Patricia Almeida (photographer) and David-Alexandre Guéniot (programmer of artistic events) to give effect to editorial projects and programmatic events.
The name GHOST is the combination of the words 'Guest' and 'Host' as poles between which the roles of the “guest” and the “host” circulate and exchange. This combination works as programmatic trend that aims to establish a circularity of authorial relations between design, photography, literature, research and editing.
As a publisher, GHOST publishes books that emphasize visual narratives and articulate a “politics of image”, i.e. critical approaches on the uses and conditions for receiving the image, be it documentary, archival, fictional or appropriated. It is also interested in publishing artistic contents obtained through the most diverse processes (research ateliers, exhibitions, rehearsals, performances, residencies, workshops, seminars and meetings)

In partnership with Oficina do Cego, TIPO.PT and STET, GHOST is co-organizing the annual encounters “O que um livro pode" [What a book can], a program of lectures, workshops and conversations about artist books and self-publishing in Portugal. With the participation of dozens of artists, theorists and technicians, these encounters succeed in gathering different professional and artistic fields – visual arts, photography, poetry, ilustration, design – and is one of the rare opportunities to reflect on the other "ecologies" of the book, ie possibilities of integrating the book in a new regime of object and product beyond consumption or collecting.