David-Alexandre Guéniot, Patricia Almeida, Jorge Louçã, Luis Antunes (ed.) // Complexity

At the Limit of the (Im)Possible

COMPLEXITY is the result of a seminar where artists and scientists were invited to debate on the practice of creativity in different domains of human activity (arts, sciences and culture). The editors decided not to publish the texts of the conferences, but to edit the visual materials and examples that were presented during the seminar in order to create a new narrative through the themes referred by the participants.

Contributors: João Branquinho, Helder Coelho, Luís Antunes, Artur Almeida, Manuel João Ramos, Jorge Louçã, F. Pedro Oliveira, Pedro Boleo, João Fiadeiro / Atelier Real, Luís Correia, Francisco Louçã, Rosa Perez, Luís Sottomayor, Pedro Lemos, Mário Laginha, David-Alexan
Publisher: Ghost Editions
130 pages
111 black and white illustrations
16cm × 24cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789899829879
15,00 €
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