Claire Potter // Round That Way

But the air lays thin and low in the towns around here. Precipitation from the hills causes the pressure to drop off, it puts distance between the air's molecules, bringing on headaches and low spots where storms kick up.
Round that way is Claire Potter's second published book. It brings together CHAVSCUMBOSS, a poetic experiment in writing while watching the performance of masculinity by the YouTube user of the same name - and a short story, PRESSURE, in which a house fire raises painful heat in the residents of a small northern town.
'Claire Potter's writing is like a wicked eye, scanning behaviours, angles and dimensions. This new work turns line-breaks into a kind of social thought, and beats stories out of the awkward gaps in country, accent, architecture, and flesh. Left stung by its pages, readers will take great pleasure from the extraordinary nervy shapes and voices in this book.' ~Holly Pester

Author(s): Claire Potter
Publisher: Ma Bibliotheque
Series: The Constellations
39 pages
11cm × 17cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910055380
6,00 €
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