Dora García // The world according to Dora García

Vol.3 Artist magazine

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO seeks to challenge an artist to work in an unfamiliar way: using any source other than his own work, he or she develops an idea, a concept, a subject or a vision which can only be realized on paper.

Dora Garcia reflects on the parameters and conventions governing the presentation of art, on the question of time (real and fictional) and on the boundaries between representation and reality. She acts like a film director who tells stories (or simply selects them), unchains a situation, situates us in a scenario or makes us participants in a game the rules of which are very similar to reality and for this very fact allow us to question it.

Contributors: Ellen Blumenstein, Katharina Fichtner, Frank Kalero, Maribel Lopez ( THE OFFICE)
Publisher: argobooks
Series: The world according to
64 pages
21cm × 30cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783942700139
16,50 €
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