'XXXXX proposes a radical, new space for artistic exploration, with essential contributions from a diverse range of artists, theorists, and scientists. Combining intense background material, code listings, screenshots, new translation, [the] XXXXX [reader] functions as both a guide and manifesto for a thought movement which is radically opposed to entropic contemporary economies. XXXXX traces a clear line across eccentric and wide ranging texts under the rubric of life coding which can well be contrasted with the death drive of cynical economy with roots in rationalism and enlightenment thought. Such philosophy, world as machine, informs its own deadly flipside embedded within language and technology. XXXXX totally unpicks this hiroshimic engraving, offering a dandyish alternative by way of deep examination of software and substance. Life coding is primarily active, subsuming deprecated psychogeography in favour of acute wonderland technology, wary of any assumed transparency.

Contributors: Otto E. Roessler, Mongrel Graham Harwood, Bruno Marchal, Stewart Home, Florian Cramer, Simon Ford, Oswald Wiener, Olga Goriunova, Martin Howse, Hal Abelson, Leif Elggren, Jonathan Kemp, Aymeric Mansoux,
Publisher: Mute
Series: OpenMute Press
476 pages
15cm × 23cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780955066443
17,00 €
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