Elke Marhofer // Nobody knows, when it was made and why

Nobody knows, when it was made and why takes a fresh look at Aby Warburg’s prominent Mnemosyne Atlas. Reflecting on the fact that research, be it art or science based, is a historical and anthropological procedure that is closely related to colonialism, the film and the two essays rethink how Warburg creates a relational and trans-cultural methodology. Inhuman and animating forces of images, things, animals, people, minerals, amulets and dices, solar and lunar eclipses, intestines, magic stones and starry heavens stemming from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Jordan suggest exploring Mnemosyne Atlas outside of European cultural history and the imagination of itself.

Contributors: Jiyoung Lee
Publisher: Archive Books
48 pages
18 black and white illustrations
17cm × 24cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783943620375
10,00 €
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