Archive Books

Archive is a nonprofit organisation for cultural research. Archive seeks to bring together editors, writers, scholars, graphic designers, artists and architects in a non-hierarchal and adaptable space in an attempt to foster unique exchanges between diverse contributors. Archive is engaged in a range of activities including publishing and exhibition making. Archive Books is a publishing house that produces monographs and artist’s books as well as journals focusing on contemporary cultural production and reception. Located in Berlin, Archive Kabinett is both a library/bookshop showcasing a selected range of publications, and simultaneously a platform for discussions, lectures, screenings and exhibitions. Archive Journal is a cross-disciplinary journal published biannually. As it’s name suggests, Archive Journal is primarily concerned with notions of documentation and collection, but also with contemporary uses of translation and recirculation. Archive Appendix is the design department that brings a conceptual approach to the relation between text and image.
Archive Books see to the publication and distribution of papers and materials developed through and thanks to Archive Kabinett’s activities. Its publishing programme took shape in a constant exchange of ideas between Archive’s collaborators, and its thematic focuses are choosen accordingly with the other components of the project. Committed to an expanded idea of art publishing, Archive Books has created an extended network of practitioners and artists operating in the cultural field with a critical and engaged attitude. With a particular attention on theory, art criticism, film and video, and artists’ books, Archive tries to circulate thought-provoking material and to foster a critical attitude.