Carla Filipe // Da Cauda A Cabeca

Published on the occasion of Carla Filipe’s exhibition da cauda à cabeça (from tail to head), this monograph, the first ever dedicated to the artist, focuses on the project presented at Museu Coleção Berardo, with an essay by the curator Pedro Lapa, and a comprehensive documentation of the show. It also refers to a number of previous projects carefully selected or especially created by Carla Filipe. Additional texts by Vít Havránek and Pedro G. Romero, and an interview with Stephan Dillemuth, contextualize both the artist’s work and this project in particular, which summarises to some extent the artist’s investigation into Portuguese railroads. The book was conceptualised by Carla Filipe in close collaboration with Gonçalo Sena, who also designed it.
The work of Carla Filipe is one of the most significant projects to emerge in Portugal towards the end of last decade. She undertakes an archaeology of the lifestyles and the attendant questions raised during the course of modernity: certain forms linked to expectations of a new world, one whose realisations proved to be extremely diverse. Many of her works expose an autobiographic vein; some deal with episodes in micro-narratives, others with history itself. Constituting all of Carla Filipe’s works is a narrative structure whose mediums are, recurrently, objects, drawing, words and installation.

Contributors: Stephan Dillemuth, Vít Havránek, Pedro Lapa, Pedro G. Romero
Publisher: Archive Books
302 pages
17cm × 23cm
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9789898239389
24,90 €
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