Stephanie Kiwitt // Cornerville

In Cornerville, Stephanie Kiwitt examines the building boom in Marseille today: necessity and transformation, the results and effects of producing space. The everyday impersonality of inner-city architecture inevitably enters our perception in an unprocessed form. Stephanie Kiwitt focuses on this condition. Within the setting of interchangeable structures and monotonous urban forms, Kiwitt discloses distinctive situations, in which human presence and action interferes with the urban architecture and public order. Capturing decay and aggression, she renders visible the aesthetic of the anonymously new and its displacement through the use and realignment of dysfunctional objects.

Publisher: Editions GwinZegal
112 pages
107 black and white illustrations
24cm × 21cm
Format: Hardback
Language: FrenchGerman
ISBN: 9782952809948
32,00 €
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