Carsten Höller // “Fara Fara” – a Film Not Made

Fara Fara means face-to-face in Lingala and is a musical phenomenon deeply rooted in Congolese culture. Two groups play at the same time at adjacent locations, and the ones who play longest win. In times gone by, disputes were sometimes settled in this way; nowadays, it is more about musical leadership. A Fara Fara is a massive event attracting huge crowds, but it happens very rarely. This book is about a film where a Fara Fara takes place in Kinshasa, a musical battle between the two major proponents of Congolese contemporary rumba. The film has not been made yet. It will be directed by the artist Carsten Höller and the film director Måns Månsson. PVC Softcover, hot foil.

Contributors: Elin Unnes, Pierre Björk, Hoyte van Hoytema, Reed Kram, Armin Linke, Giovanna Silva, Patrik Strömdahl, Carsten Höller and Måns Månsson
Publisher: Humboldt Books
224 pages
11cm × 16cm
Format: Paperback
Language: EnglishFrench
ISBN: 9788890841897
25,50 €
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