Antoine Bernhart // Im Dunklen Wald

A few years ago, Swiss restaurant owner Daniel M. was brought to court after he had ordered books with drawings by Antoine Bernhart and Jean-Louis Costes from Bongout editions. Daniel M. was accused of possession of illicit pornographic material following the Swiss authorities’ assessment that the content of the publications was excessively brutal, sadistic and erotic. In appeal, however, Daniel M. was cleared of all accusations and recovered his books. Bongout will not let this act of censorship stand uncommented. On 27 August 2008 the gallery therefore inaugurated a comprehensive solo exhibition of French artist Antoine Bernhart. Im Dunklen Wald is a full-color monography of Antoine Bernhart latest art works, published by Bongoût – Berlin.

Publisher: Re:Surgo!
72 pages
23cm × 24cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783940907042
23,00 €
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