Robert Kusmirovski // Kosmorama

The diary of the stereoscopic machine

This artist’s book is devoted to Kosmorama by Robert Kuśmirowski’s s show conceived for Fondazione Galleria Civica-Centro di Ricerca sulla Contemporaneità di Trento. The book takes an ambiguous, comparative look at this project and a previous one conceived for the Signum Foundation, Auf und Ab_Drawing Performance. Antologia. Capitolo Primo. Both projects explore the limits and potential of our vision and knowledge of the world, of what is true and what isn’t, leaving our gaze ambiguously suspended between history and narrative, endowing facts and fictions with one and the same consistency.

Robert Kuśmirowski is a Polish contemporary artist who uses reconstruction of historical artefacts and settings to examine and manipulate historical themes. In his installations, Kuśmirowski showcases his ability to craft replicas for illusionistic effects of decay and aging, often bringing together found objects with elements constructed out of wood, cardboard, paint and other materials. Kuśmirowski had become interested in replication and falsification as a child when he forged but passes and postage stamps for his family which has remained a consistent theme in his work.

Contributors: Vincenzo Latronico
Publisher: Archive Books
276 pages
12cm × 19cm
ISBN: 9783943620054
25,00 €
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