Aude Anquetil // A CASA MIA

A CASA MIA is an autofiction, with a porosity between what is private and what is public. Literature, contemporary art, philosophical concepts, her work as a waitress, are addressed in the space of a restaurant and the space of a book, haunted by the figure of Blaise Pascal and the codes of seduction. It is, one might say, a work of three characters: Anquetil, the restaurant, and Pascal, followed in the afterword of an interrogatory encounter.
Aude Anquetil is an artist and writer, whose works, essays, installations, performances, and sculptures explore narration
and literature.

Publisher: Ma Bibliotheque
Series: The Constellations
69 pages
11cm × 17cm
Format: Paperback
Language: French
ISBN: 9781910055496
10,00 €
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