Gitte Villesen // I stick my hands into the earth, and I think for a while

I stick my hands into the earth, and I think for a while is a publication by Gitte Villesen including 49 posters, a booklet, and an essay by Joerg Franzbecker. The multimedia project provides textual documentation for a series of photographs that catalogue Villesen's carreer, with projects spanning from 2005-2015, Franzbecker's short essay adumbrating an analytical framework for the piece. The posters themselves depict Villesen's far flung travels in relation to her work, unfolding across an inherently non-linear path as a result of the decentered, unbound format. The result is a work both striking and ambling, standing both as an evidenciary document of Villesen's past endeavors, as well as an independently situated movement through rural environs, cityscapes, and ekphrastic junctures of text and image.

Contributors: Joerg Franzbecker
Publisher: Archive Books
49 pages
50 colour illustrations
28cm × 22cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783943620634
25,00 €
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