The artist’s publication documents the exhibition by the Berlin artist Kathrin Sonntag (*1981) in the GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst in Bremen. Kathrin Sonntag is interested in the moment in which a normally thoroughly readable object comes out of itself: the magic en route, which can still be found in the commonplace. Like the exhibition, the catalogue, too, takes a playful approach to the connections between the different elements and reveals relationships in form, colour and content. A fictional conversation between Mary Poppins (who lends the exhibition and the book its title) and Grant H. Atkinson (an anagram of “Kathrin Sonntag”) gives an introduction to both the presentation and publication.

Publisher: argobooks
80 pages
23cm × 32cm
Format: Paperback
Language: EnglishGerman
ISBN: 9783941560390
19,50 €
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