Alessandra Spranzi // Nello Stesso Momento

Obsolete things and images, left to their own devices, which I shift out of their context of silent invisibility and uselessness. In a certain sense I am caring for them. The practice of montage opens up unexpected associative, existential and aesthetic possibilities. For years I have been thinking about the often slumbering or exhausted potential that resides in images, going back to observe and utilize anachronistic or humble materials in project that are different, each time, that bring to light or reveal the hidden, irrational side of things and images. To gather, approach, put together, to make meet, is a way of reorganizing or surprising vision and thought, of calling back into play the enigmatic nature of the photographic image that continuously questions us. (A.S.)

Contributors: Matteo Terzaghi, Clément Chéroux
Publisher: Humboldt Books
84 pages
24cm × 16cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788890841842
20,00 €
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