Elise Florenty // blabla

The French-born artist Élise Florenty’s magazine-format work, blabla, is anything but blah-blah. Using only the colour model CMYK (with K being black), Florenty presents a series of roles, poses and motivations. This artist’s book is at once a performance and a tri-lingual poem (in a way that fundamentally destabilizes and challenges poetry as a mode); it’s a collage and a confrontation, and as a statement it is all the more succinct seeing as it diverges markedly from the rest of the artist’s oeuvre. An underlying leitmotif, though, is the continued engagement with language as concrete form as well as a broad reach and depth of execution.

Publisher: argobooks
70 pages
23cm × 32cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783941560734
13,00 €
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