Wes Janz // Leftover Rightunder 2

People Making their Way

A man occupies a dump truck in Addis Ababa. A mother squats in a Sri Lankan war zone. Barbara Lee and James live on a sidewalk in Indianapolis. LEFTOVER RIGHTUNDER 2 suggests: they might not need your help.
This booklet is a follow up to Wes Janz book Leftover Rightunder, published by HLP in 2013. It continues Wes Janz's tireless investigation of the impact of material flows, overconsumption, who wins in the equation, and who lives off the surplus and detritus. Janz has travelled extensively and looks in places and engages people overlooked, marginalized and pushed out of contemporary discourse around material use and city planning. Janz insists that looking at how they live and make their lives is where architects should look for how to practice. We are continually excited about what Janz is doing and are happy to share another one of his publications with you.

Publisher: Half Letter Press
40 pages
14cm × 22cm
Format: Paperback
5,00 €
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