Rewriting Architecture

10+1 Actions: Tabula Scripta

Rewriting Architecture explores and embraces the potential of place. The book claims that the idea of ‘tabula rasa’, or creating from scratch, is no longer a viable option. It considers the quality of the existing urban and social fabric—the tabula scripta—as an inspiration, motivation and starting point of design. How can this context be read, understood, valued and further developed?
Rewriting Architecture is activating and enriching the architectural discourse and wider public debate with a series of verbs, or actions, that show how we can respond better to what is already there: Eliminate; Continue; Obscure; Reconfigure; Repurpose; Densify; Copy; Overlay; Reimagine; Restart and Abstain. These 10+1 Actions are illustrated by compelling examples from a broad range of places and design practices all over the world, from Asia to Africa, to Europe and the US. The editors relate these challenges to a wide array of makers and thinkers through stimulating contributions by architects and other specialists working in the arts, biology, fashion, ecology, pop culture, nanotechnology and philosophy.
Rewriting Architecture proposes new narratives to describe and discuss design practices that work with what exists, with the people who are already there and with respect for the natural resources that are left.
Editor(s): Floris Alkemade, Michiel van Iersel, Jarrik Ouburg, Mark Minkjan

Contributors: Floris Alkemade, Iwan Baan, René Boer, Elma van Boxel, Xaveer De Geyter, Lionel Devlieger, Amie Dicke, Mona El Mousfy, Sean Halloran, Michiel van Iersel, Sharmeen Azam Inayat, Sam Jacob, Momoyo Kajima, Kristian KoremanAnne Lacaton, Madeleine Maaskant, Arna Mačkić, Keiichi Matsuda, Mark Minkjan, Jim van Os, Jarrik Ouburg, Freek Persyn, Karin Riley, Tamar Shafrir, Tom Simonite, Hito Steyerl, Jo Taillieu, Marga Weimans
Publisher: Valiz
400 pages
17cm × 24cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789492095701
29,50 €
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