Editions GwinZegal

The purpose of the GwinZegal Art and Research Centre is to provide a resource for people who are interested in the various facets of photography and photographs – how they are created, produced, disseminated, studied, published, and collected, in today’s society. The Arts Centre’s mission addresses both the surrounding, largely rural area, the Pays de Guingamp in Brittany, France, and the outside world, through its membership of a network of organisations in France and Europe which share the same objectives. Our aim is to facilitate meetings, dialogue, analysis and confrontation between the diverse range of actors, practices and publics, concerning the many different points of view and conventions that exist with respect to photography, without forgetting how it is also part of the much wider field of the image as a whole. GwinZegal’s activities chiefly involve: residencies for photographers dissemination of works publishing symposiums, lectures and conferences workshops conducted within an educational establishment or elsewhere the development of a research and documentation tool