Jerome Sother // Crocodile Tears

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With a good dose of irony, self reflection and a look around himself, his surroundings, the people who matter in life, the indoors, the out, the rain and the new fridge, Jerome Sother gives us a humorous glance into life. Sometime tragic and bordering the ridiculous as the image of a man (himself) lying under a couch in pants and a woman (wife? Friend?) about to sit down, or get up, a television he’s watching in the foreground, a baby, death and a collection of milk cartons.. Foreword by Robert Frank.

Contributors: Robert Frank
Publisher: Editions GwinZegal
72 pages
8 colour illustrations
43 black and white illustrations
21cm × 26cm
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9782952809917
30,00 €
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